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(This message is coming from the founder) Hi!, I'm AirTrinityAirways, Co-owner of Taipei Express (GeoFS Virtual Airline), I welcome you to the Custom Aviation Wiki, Where you can submit your own Airplane/Airport etc. Designs/Ideas, Make sure not to add real-life airlines airports etc. However, you can upgrade a real-life airport/Aircraft etc. It will still be allowed, however, your page will be put into the category of "Upgraded".

Have fun on this wiki!

-Signed, AirTrinityAirways

The Gallery Edit


Air Trinity Airways -Founder

Blank of the week Edit

Airport: Glutzen Airport

Aircraft: KA-1

Airline: Taipei Express

Person: Air Trinity Airways

Manufacturer: Trans Continental Aerospace

Notes: Edit

All new users must send a message here to the Founder for permission to add your own aircraft airport etc. ideas/designs.

None of what is in this wiki is real, It's all just custom stuff

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